gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun is a treasure,

Things to Keep Reminding Myself as Someone with Low Self Esteem, High Anxiety, & the Urge to Please Others


No one is entitled to your physical or emotional affection.

Denying affection does not make you a mean or bad person.

It’s not considered hurting others when you are protecting yourself and your happiness.

Those who threaten your joy or comfort do not deserve your kindness or attention.

You should never do anything that makes you feel unhappy to make others happy.

You deserve to feel safe and happy.


Do you know how sad it is to sit in your room alone as usual when everyone else is off having fun with friends? And to make it worse they post it everywhere. And you’re forced to see it and then feel even shittier and wonder what your point in life is realizing you’re never going to have that, or much less be happy. Life is about having fun and being with friends. But you have none of that.


ur not allowed to be busy youre my only friend

im okay now btw
everything is okay
my heart still hurts but its way better than before
im never going to leave his side now

i dont ever want to fall in love again

i dont want to entrust my heart to anyone anymore

i know its cos i didnt know how to love and i was just inexperienced 

but i dont ever want to feel a heartbreak again

side note: i made it through 12 hours of the calamity

i cant believe im still alive

im a bad woman

my body feels weak and my hands are starting to shake

i should really eat something

i replied some of the asks he gave me months ago…. why couldnt i reply like that before

Anonymous asked:
WHO? who is better than me???

no one

Anonymous asked:
mm this person i like is on her period. she keeps rolling around in pain. What should i do to make her feel better?

tell her its ok… that everything will be okay…. her period isnt of her concern.. just please forgive her…